Puffy’s butt plug almost fell out on that one! His facial expression says GUILTY! Diddy Almost Had A Panic Attack After This.. FULL VIDEO BELOW | HO

Puffy’s butt plug almost fell out on that one! His facial expression says GUILTY! Diddy Almost Had A Panic Attack After This.. FULL VIDEO BELOW


Hip-hop mogul Diddy and R&B songbird Cassie have been pretty hush about most monumentals surrounding their decade-long romance. Their heartbreaking split came as a jaw-dropping shocker, but the reps from both camps have stated the decision was mutual and they’ll remain friends.

The “Me & U” singer met Diddy through her former hit-making producer Ryan Leslie, whom she was rumored to be dating around the same time as her then-budding courtship with the Bad Boy legend. For years, the ex-lovers kept things very coy in the public eye, but subtle hints allowed the public to piece the puzzle together for themselves.

Fans Hilariously Dragged Cassie's Famous Ex Into The Rumor Mill Amid Split  From Diddy | News | BET

Apparently, Diddy may have “stolen” Cassie from Ryan back in 2008…

Many assumed her hit single, “Official Girl,” was a subliminal message for the former emcee. Leslie didn’t necessarily deny romantic involvement with Cassie, but admitted in a 2010 interview, he “fell in love with her and her music.” Then, he seemed to disappear, due to a legal battle over his stolen laptop. However, at a tech developer conference from 2016, the ‘Next Selection’ crooner definitely labeled Cassie his “girlfriend” while discussing their classic debut hit that caught Puff’s attention.
Now, fans are knocking down his door in hopes of getting the former dynamic duo back in the studio amongst other hilarious thoughts





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