(N) 50 Cent Reveals How Oprah Is Using Steve Harvey To Blackball Taraji

50 Cent Reveals How Oprah Is Using Steve Harvey To Blackball Taraji 50 Cent is coming after Steve Harvey for allowing Oprah to use him to blacklist Taraji after she spoke up on how badly Oprah treated her on the set of The Color Purple.

Child, it’s a hot mess because Oprah allegedly got mad at Taraji for spreading negativity, which she believes caused the movie to flop at the box office.

In recent revelations, the entertainment industry has become a battleground for prominent figures, with accusations of mistreatment, underpayment, and blacklisting coming to light.

One of the latest controversies involves Taraji P. Henson, who opened up about her experiences during the press tour for “The Color Purple,” shedding light on alleged mistreatment, low pay, and a strained relationship with Oprah Winfrey.

Taraji’s candid comments sparked a broader discussion about the challenges faced by black women in the industry, including underpayment and lack of opportunities.

The conversation gained momentum as other actresses, such as Viola Davis and Gabrielle Union, shared their own struggles with wage disparities.

The controversy took a more dramatic turn when rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent entered the scene, accusing Oprah of blacklisting Taraji, similar to the alleged mistreatment of Mo’Nique in the past. 50 Cent, known for his outspoken nature, claimed to have evidence exposing Oprah’s alleged sinister agenda and expressed his intent to reveal the truth.

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Furthermore, 50 Cent implicated comedian Steve Harvey in Oprah’s alleged efforts to blacklist Taraji. Harvey has a history of being involved in controversies and has been accused of undermining fellow entertainers in the past.

The rapper hinted at revealing more information about Oprah’s influence on the industry through Steve Harvey.

The roots of Oprah’s purported grievances with Taraji date back to their collaboration on “The Color Purple.” Reports suggest that Taraji, dissatisfied with the low pay and mistreatment during the production, approached Oprah with her concerns.

However, tensions escalated, leading to a strained relationship between the two.

The situation worsened when “The Color Purple” underperformed at the box office, and Oprah allegedly blamed Taraji for the film’s failure.

Sources claim that Oprah is attempting to blacklist Taraji, mirroring a pattern seen in her previous conflicts with Mo’Nique.

Despite the controversy and potential career repercussions, Taraji took a surprising turn, praising Oprah and expressing gratitude for her support.

This sudden shift has raised eyebrows, with many questioning the authenticity of Taraji’s statements and the influence Oprah wields within the industry.

In conclusion, the entertainment industry remains embroiled in controversies, with allegations of mistreatment, underpayment, and blacklisting surfacing.

The Taraji P. Henson-Oprah Winfrey saga adds another chapter to the ongoing conversation about systemic issues within Hollywood, particularly concerning the treatment of black artists. The coming days may unveil more details and shed light on the intricate dynamics at play behind the scenes.

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