(N) Diddy Is A Weirdo. He Has Always Been A Snake. He’s A Scary and Nervous Person. I Never Liked Him.

Napoleon breaks his silence on Diddy and females accusing him of disturbing things.

The recent controversy surrounding Diddy and allegations made by Cassie has sparked conversations about the music industry’s dark side.

In a recent interview, someone familiar with Diddy’s history, likely a fellow artist or industry insider, shared their perspective on the situation.

The interviewee began by acknowledging the delicate nature of discussing such matters, emphasizing the need for caution due to the potential consequences, especially in their current residence in Saudi Arabia.

They expressed the importance of evidence in accusations, referring to a cultural and religious context where accusations without four witnesses can have serious repercussions.

Despite these constraints, the interviewee didn’t hold back in expressing their views on Diddy, describing him as a “weirdo” and someone who had always been associated with questionable behavior.

They mentioned hearing stories about Diddy’s peculiar actions and described him as a “snake” who exhibits nervous and fidgety behavior.

This perception, combined with earlier suspicions about his involvement in incidents like the Tupac shooting, contributed to their lack of surprise when recent allegations surfaced.

The interviewee also delved into the broader issues of corruption in the music industry. They criticized the cutthroat nature of the business, citing personal experiences of colleagues having their work stolen. They painted a grim picture of the industry, stating that the quest for personal gain often overshadows concerns for the artists or the community.

Diddy Is A Weirdo. He Has Always Been A Snake. He's A Scary and Nervous  Person. I Never Liked Him. - YouTube

Reflecting on their own experiences, the interviewee shared a moment from the past when they declined an opportunity to collaborate with Diddy at the MTV Awards.

They cited a gut feeling about Diddy’s animosity towards Tupac and expressed relief for not aligning themselves with someone they perceived as untrustworthy.

Towards the end of the interview, the conversation shifted to the larger issues of corruption within the music industry.

The interviewee touched upon the lack of support from black CEOs for the community and artists, contrasting the financial success of these figures with their seemingly minimal contribution to social causes.

Concluding the interview, the interviewee expressed a lack of surprise at Diddy’s current situation, attributing it to karma catching up with him.

They emphasized the importance of humility, cautioning against arrogance in an industry that can easily bring about downfall.

Overall, the interview provided a unique perspective on the controversies surrounding Diddy and shed light on broader issues within the music business.

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