(N) Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Reveals All Secrets

Celebrity Bodyguard Simon Newton shares his experience working with Michael Jackson.

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Introduction: In the unpredictable world of security, opportunities often come knocking when least expected. Such was the case for John, an Edinburgh-based security guard, whose life took an unexpected turn when he received a call to look after a gentleman arriving in London.

Little did he know that this job would mark the beginning of his tenure as a celebrity security guard, with none other than the King of Pop himself – Michael Jackson.


    The Unexpected Call: John initially hesitated when he received the call, reluctant to cut short his month-long break in Edinburgh. However, a second call and a nudge from a friend convinced him to seize the opportunity. This decision would change the course of his career.
    The King of Pop Arrives: Little did John anticipate that the gentleman he was tasked to look after was none other than Michael Jackson. The excitement and nerves of working with such a global icon for the first time marked a turning point in John’s professional life.
    Ten Days with Michael Jackson: John recounts his ten days alongside Michael Jackson, a period that became a crash course in celebrity security. Handling the challenges posed by enthusiastic fans, paparazzi, and the logistics of keeping a high-profile client safe in public spaces were just a few of the hurdles John navigated during this time.
    Brushing Shoulders with Fame: Beyond Michael Jackson, John reflects on subsequent assignments with other big names like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. The glamor and challenges of protecting A-list celebrities in the limelight became a routine part of his profession.
    London Calling: John’s initial reluctance to work in London transformed into a thriving career in celebrity security. His journey from the streets of Edinburgh to the bustling heart of London symbolizes the unexpected paths that careers in security can take.


John’s story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the security profession, where one call can lead to a life-altering experience.

Michael Jackson's Bodyguard Reveals All Secrets - YouTube

From Edinburgh to Hollywood, John’s journey reflects the unique challenges and rewards of protecting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

As he continues to navigate the world of celebrity security, each assignment brings new lessons and unexpected encounters, making his story one of resilience, adaptability, and, above all, the ability to say ‘yes’ to unexpected opportunities.

In the world of celebrity security, the challenges and experiences faced by bodyguards are often hidden from the public eye.

John, a seasoned security professional, shares his intriguing encounters during his career, from protecting Michael Jackson to navigating protests with Bella Hadid.

This behind-the-scenes look sheds light on the complexities and responsibilities of ensuring the safety of high-profile individuals.


    The Michael Jackson Assignment: John’s journey into celebrity security began unexpectedly when he received a call to look after a gentleman in London, who turned out to be none other than Michael Jackson. The 10 days spent with the King of Pop marked the initiation of John into the world of A-list celebrities, bringing both excitement and challenges.
    Ten Days of Glamour and Challenges: John recounts moments of glamour and challenges during his tenure with Michael Jackson, including attending Mary Poppins shows with the children and navigating through crowds without drawing attention. The demands of ensuring the safety of such high-profile clients were evident, requiring meticulous planning and constant vigilance.
    Brushing Shoulders with Other Celebrities: Beyond Michael Jackson, John shares experiences working with other celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora. Each assignment brought its unique set of challenges, from navigating fan hysteria to ensuring a safe environment for his clients.
    Protests and Unplanned Situations: John delves into the intricacies of handling protests, narrating an incident with Bella Hadid during a Free Palestine March. He highlights the delicate balance between accommodating a client’s wishes and ensuring their safety, especially in unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations.
    Solo Security Challenges: Unlike the typical entourage, John often worked alone when securing celebrities in the UK. He reflects on the added responsibility and decision-making autonomy that comes with solo assignments, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and adaptability.
    Managing Overzealous Fans: Crowd control and managing overzealous fans proved to be some of the most significant challenges for John. He shares insights into handling public events, protests, and the constant balance between accommodating fan interactions and maintaining security protocols.
    Communication and Decision-Making: John’s approach to communication with clients and local authorities played a crucial role in navigating various scenarios. Whether it was guiding celebrities through protests or making quick decisions during unexpected situations, effective communication was key to success.


John’s journey through the world of celebrity security unveils the intricate dance between glamour and challenges. From Michael Jackson’s iconic presence to navigating through protests with Bella Hadid, his experiences highlight the demanding nature of the profession.

Through strategic planning, effective communication, and quick decision-making, John provides a glimpse into the often unseen aspects of ensuring the safety of the stars.

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