(VIDEO) 50 Cent slams Biden for beach trip during Israel-Hamas war: ‘We in trouble man!’

Rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, asked.

President Joe Biden for change in a series of social media posts Sunday, slamming him for appearing to neglect his presidential duties.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper lambasted the president for taking a visit to a.

Rapper 50 Cent{ }Tristan Fortsch for KATU News on September 6, 2023) and President Joe Biden on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File).

Delaware beach as conflict between Israel and Hamas continued on the international stage.

“[eye emoji] hey Joe get the f— up, we in trouble man!” the rapper wrote, sharing a screenshot of news coverage of the visit.

The post received nearly 200K likes and was also the subject of a “fact check” by Lead Stories, which objected to the photo of Biden used in the article.

The specific photo of Biden on the beach is from August, however, it does not make the article factually incorrect as Biden did in fact visit Rehoboth Beach this weekend, according to Delaware Online.

50 Cent followed with a second post showing a screenshot of news coverage of his original statement, penning another caption directed at the president.

“We got some real s— going on out here Joe. what’s the plan to get a tan and chill come on now,” the rapper wrote.

Conservative figures flocked to the post’s comment section to voice solidarity with 50 Cent.

“Most popular president ever [eye roll emoji]” Donald Trump Jr. said.

“D— all these ppl finally realizing trump wasn’t the problem but the media that lied to them and taught them to hate a man who actually.

Did well for the country and in the meantime manipulated them to vote against their interests… smh” another said.

As of late July, Biden had reportedly spent at least 360 days of his presidency on vacation, amounting to nearly 40% of his term.

50 Cent is one of multiple rappers to align with conservatives recently.

In October, Rapper Sexyy Red said former President Donald Trump has earned support from “the hood,” and she expressed hope that he.

Would return to office in 2024 to issue more stimulus checks, as he did late in his presidency.

Trump had a strong rapport with several rappers during his presidency.

In 2020, he pardoned Kodak Black of a federal sentence after he was convicted of falsifying documents to purchase guns.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, also dined with Trump in 2022.

The rapper has previously sported Trump’s “Make America Great Again” merchandise.

50 Cent rips Biden for Delaware beach trip amid Israel-Hamas war: 'We got  some real s— going on' | Fox News

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