(VIDEO) 50 Cent Vs French Montana: Hip Hop’s Most Underrated Beef

In the realm of hip-hop, where rivalries and beefs are as common as the beats themselves, few feuds have captured the attention and intrigue of fans quite like the ongoing saga between 50 Cent and French Montana.

What started as a seemingly innocuous disagreement spiraled into a multi-year, multi-faceted battle that traversed music, business, and personal vendettas, captivating audiences and igniting debates across the industry.

The roots of this epic clash can be traced back to the early days of French Montana’s career, when he found himself at a crossroads between two titans of the rap game:

50 Cent and Rick Ross. French, aligning himself with Ross, inadvertently earned the ire of 50 Cent.

Whose uncompromising stance on loyalty meant that anyone associated with his enemies became targets by association.

Despite once being on good terms with French, 50 Cent wasted no time in declaring him an enemy, setting the stage for a feud that would escalate over the years.

One of the earliest salvos in this battle came in the form of a controversial interview where.

French Montana Praises 50 Cent For Using Beef As A Marketing Tool | HipHopDX

French Montana suggested that 50 Cent’s time at the top of the rap game was waning, sparking a swift and biting response from the Queens-born rapper.

Twitter became the battleground for their verbal jousting, with insults and taunts exchanged publicly for all to see.

But the beef didn’t stop at mere words. Both artists leveraged their respective business ventures to further antagonize each other.

French Montana’s partnership with Diddy’s Ciroc clashed directly with 50 Cent’s involvement with Effen vodka.

Leading to heated exchanges and even physical demonstrations of disdain, such as French Montana throwing bottles of Effen vodka into the trash.

However, it was the purchase of a Bugatti by French Montana that truly added fuel to the fire.

What should have been a symbol of success became a point of contention, with 50 Cent deriding the purchase as a

foolish investment and questioning the authenticity of French Montana’s wealth and success.

The feud took a darker turn with allegations of stream manipulation and even a reported physical altercation at a

Miami nightclub, though both parties vehemently denied any such incident. Despite the escalating animosity and occasional moments of violence, there were also signs of reconciliation.


French Montana publicly praised 50 Cent’s music, signaling a willingness to move past their differences and bury the hatchet.

In 2021, after years of verbal sparring and personal attacks, the two rappers finally called a truce, acknowledging the futility of their feud and

expressing mutual respect for each other’s contributions to the music industry.

While the beef may have ended, its legacy endures as a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of ego, pride, and the perils of loyalty in the cutthroat world of hip-hop.

As fans reflect on the tumultuous relationship between 50 Cent and French Montana, one thing remains clear:

in an industry fueled by competition and bravado, even the most bitter rivals can find common ground and put aside their differences for the greater good of the culture.

Whether this truce marks the end of their feud or merely a temporary ceasefire remains to be seen, but for now, hip-hop enthusiasts can breathe a

sigh of relief as two titans lay down their arms and embrace the possibility of peace.

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