“Angel are you good?”: $1.8M NIL-valued LSU superstar shares hilarious snippets from pre-draft shift with Raising Cane’s

Angel Reese joins for a shift at Raising Cane

Angel Reese joins a shift at Raising Cane’s.

While Angel Reese is preparing for Monday’s 2024 WNBA draft in New York City, she decided to pick an extra promotional shift at Raising Cane’s.

The $1.8M NIL-valued (per On3) forward took on the role of service staff and took orders, signed posters and clicked a few selfies from her fans. At one point, Reese daydreamed about her draft when a co-worker pulled her out of it.

“Angel! Angel! Are you good?”

Angel Reese also spoke of the importance of representation and pointed out the support the LSU Tigers receive from Raising Cane’s owner Todd Graves. The fried chicken fingers franchise began in Baton Rouge, just steps from the LSU campus.

“Being able to come to places like this, Cane’s, giving young little girls the look that they can do these things. I want them to have a face and understand that they can have these same opportunities that I have,” she said.

“Todd Graves has been amazing. He loves women’s sports. He comes out and sits courtside at our games and supports us. Being able to be a part of this, I want to be a great player, but I always wanna leave my impact. And I think I’ve done that.”

Angel Reese shuts down dating rumors

Angel Reese made a courtside appearance during the New York Knicks-Brooklyn Nets game on Friday. The cameras panned to show the forward but caught her saying something.

Internet lip readers deduced that she was talking about someone being in her “man’s likes.”

This turned out to be the farthest from the truth as Angel Reese set the record straight in a tweet:

“This is not what I said lmaooo I don’t have a man AT ALL.”


Reese had dated Florida State player Cam’Ron Fletcher. However, she claimed to be single during an Instagram live before the 2024 March Madness.

The Bayou Barbie seems focused on her draft process and is preparing for the transition into the WNBA, where she will be taking on players who have been professionals for a very long time.

One way is working with trainers from the NBA, whose clientele includes Victor Wembanyama, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Chris Brickley, one of them, posted videos of the practice session on Instagram and praised Angel Reese’s 3-point shooting.

Brickley noted that Reese was shooting from the NBA 3-point line, which is at 23 feet, 9 inches while the WNBA line is 22 feet, 1.75 inches from the basket. Her 3-point shooting was not the three-time All-American forward’s forte in college as she made just 5 of 32 shots but now seems to have tackled that weakness as well.


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