Angel Reese candidly addresses her cameo in the Latto feat. Cardi B music video, “I need a new thing”

Reese knows very well where he wants to be and where he does not want to be

Angel Reese in the video for Latto's 'Put It On Da Floor Again' feat....

Angel Reese, the former LSU Tigers women’s college basketball star who is now preparing for her new path in the WNBA, sincerely addressed a reflection on the cameo she made a few months ago in Latto’s music video, “Put It On Da Floor Again” (feat. Cardi B).

Angel receives many invitations to promote or appear in videos, although not all invitations end up being to her liking or making sense to her; she is even willing to accept some without charging for it.

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Reese says it’s important that the invitation makes sense to her, but most of all she’s looking for something new, something that will push her into other doors.

“Like you don’t have to always get paid from it.”

“If I wanna like that pop culture, like that’s why a lot of like artists like reach out to me and stuff because they like that’s like stuff like that.”

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Angel Reese impresses LeBron James’ trainer in WNBA Draft

Angel Reese shared a sneak peek of her WNBA Draft preparation in New York City with well-known basketball trainer Chris Brickley.

Days after enlisting help from Victor Wembanyama’s trainer, this time she impressed LeBron James’ former mentor with an eye-popping skill in their closed doors workout that was shared on Instagram.

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