While trotting the globe, snagging championships, and earning top college basketball honors are impressive, Angel Reese‘s heart lies at home!

Angel Reese revealed her true home-body nature in a viral TikTok that showed a started contrast to her outgoing and busy lifestyle.

Angel Reese revealed her true home-body nature in a viral TikTok that showed a started contrast to her outgoing and busy lifestyle.  © Collage: Screenshot / TikTok / @AngelReese10

In a hilarious TikTok posted on Monday, the SEC Player of the Year delighted fans by flaunting her love for lounging at home.

“i loveee being at HOME,” Reese captioned the video, playfully emphasizing her point.

Sporting a cozy bonnet and casual attire, the 21-year-old athlete shared a light-hearted clip, where she engaged with fans amidst an audio track celebrating the luxury of home life.

After leading LSU basketball to the Elite Eight, Reese is now preparing for the WNBA Draft on Monday, April 15, where she is projected to be a top pick alongside fellow standouts Caitlin Clark of Iowa and Kamilla Cardoso of the national champion South Carolina.

Fans are eagerly anticipating her draft night look, especially after she teased on her Instagram story that she got new grills for the special occasion.

From comfy chic to high-end labels, Reese always knows how to make a statement!



♬ original sound – angel


i loveee being at HOME.

♬ original sound – drew

Angel Reese Hints at Being “Cute and Simple for March Madness” Before Unleashing Her Inner Tigress

The LSU Lady Tigers are preparing for the upcoming battle of the heavyweights in the Albany 2 region of the March Madness.

In the same light, it is almost impossible to not see everyone’s beloved Angel Reese bring out a new avatar.

However, this time around, her choice is a little different than her usual self.

The Bayou Barbie is all about putting the work in but she is also a fashionista. Hence, just a couple of days before LSU’s opening game for the huge tournament, the defending champion painted her nails in the LSU colors.

Taking it to her Instagram story, Reese gave a sneak peek to her followers on her motivation towards the program.

Posting her first one at 5.52 am, the 21-year-old was in her workout attire, ready to hit the gym.

She captioned her story, “Oh nothing on my way to work.” The ‘blessed’ and ‘crying’ emojis followed the line. She certainly resonated with everyone as while she was happy doing the workout, doing it at such early hours would make anyone shed tears.

Around 1 pm, she again showed us another way that she was preparing to reign over Rice. In the Instagram story, Reese posted a photo of her freshly painted nails. While you would expect them to be something catchy, they were not.

In fact, as her caption “Cute and simple for March Madness” suggests, they were just that.

With a transparent base, the tips had the colors of the Lady Tigers jersey flowing down. The purple hue mixed with dull gold glitter matches her fighting armor.

But will the LSU Tigers be able to repeat the 2023 heroics and bring the purple and gold jersey to life again?

Who will the defending champion Angel Reese strike down?

LSU will enter the 2024 March Madness squaring off against Rice Owls (14) on March 22nd.

Upon getting the desired results, the Lady Tigers will face either Middle Tennessee (11) or Hailey Van Lith’s previous team, the Cardinals (6).

If they advance, they will enter an endless seismic saga of the big guns of the women’s basketball division.

They will either battle against the underdogs Creighton (7) or the dominating Bruins (2).

If they enter the Elite Eight, LSU has a huge chance of coming face-to-face with their 2023 championship finalists and archrivals, Caitlin Clark’s Iowa (1).

However, the soiree will not end for the Tigers as they will then go against the Trojans or UConn. Following this will be their finals.

In simple words, the Tigers are quite stuck this time around. Nevertheless, they have a talented ambush of Lady Tigers who know how to move through the bushes successfully. It will be interesting to see how Angel Reese performs for LSU with the newly acquired nails.

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