“I Was Inspired by Flo-Jo”: Serena Williams’ Exclusive Nike Honor Unearthed Amidst Angel Reese’s Fierce Critic Comment

While LSU’s star basketball player Angel Reese faces harsh criticism over some fans claiming her as the originator of the unitard, Serena Williams paid her own homage to Joyner three years ago.

Florence Griffith Joyner is never too far away from the courts, despite having waved her final goodbye to the world in 1998.

While FloJo’s legacy as the fastest woman in history is undeniable, that’s not all her fans remember her for.

For anyone familiar with Williams, her keen sense of fashion cannot be ignored, and through her as a conduit, FloJo has made her occasional appearance on the tennis court as well.

Serena Williams was never in doubt about FloJo’s pioneering contribution

In an article by harpersbazaar.com from 2021, the tennis icon’s attire was shared for the world to stand witness.

Titled “Serena Williams Pays Tribute to Sports Champion Flo-Jo in an Asymmetric Tennis Unitard“, the article talks about how Williams kicked off her Australian Open journey in 2021 with a black blue and hot pink one-legged uniform designed by sports apparel behemoth Nike.

I was inspired by Flo-Jo, who was a wonderful track athlete, amazing athlete, when I was growing up“, said Serena after winning her inaugural match of the tournament.

Watching her fashion, just always changing. Her outfits were always amazing“, the most successful female tennis star went on to elaborate on her decision to follow FloJo’s footsteps.

While Joyner became a pop icon overnight after having etched her name in history, the recent controversy surrounding Reese has once again led fans into a fierce debate as to who should be given the honor as the true pioneer of the iconic look.
But it looks like Williams has her mind clear.

Serena loves a bit of flair and spunk whenever she steps into the court. And nodding her head toward the legacy of Joyner isn’t the only time the 23 Grand Slam winner displayed her style statement in all its glory.

Serena is forging her own greener pastures

Williams’ love for nail art is the stuff of legends. The legendary tennis star is seldom seen on the court without perfectly manicured nails that she evidently spends hours to perfect.

This year’s Grammy Awards also saw her in an attire that could give fashion models a run for their money. But she isn’t satisfied with just following the latest fads and trends out there.

Instead, Serena is hellbent on making the trends for herself to help others find their own place in the constantly changing fashion world.

Williams recently launched her own fashion brand, Serena’s World is expected to open newer and uncharted aspects of the glam world. Her keen style sense has led to Serena joining the likes of Zendaya, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Sarah Jessica Parker on the red carpet.

Williams has even co-hosted the 2019 Met Gala in a Versace gown, sealing her reputation as true style icon who can usher fans to follow in her footsteps across the fashion universe.

With Williams being certain that FloJo is the one true name who gave rise to the fame of the unitard, it waits to be seen if Angel Reese’s fans take the hint and pledge their loyalty to the world’s fastest woman.

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