LeBron James’ controversial take on Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese having advantage over NBA players

The Los Angeles Lakers star believes women’s players can build their brand more efficiently.

LeBron James speaks on women's basketball's growing popularity.

Caitlin Clark‘s legacy continues to grow with each passing day. Over four seasons at Iowa, Clark broke a bevy of records and reached the National Championship twice.

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LeBron James compares Caitlin Clark to the best scorers in the NBA

Along the way, she gained millions of new fans and spearheaded a movement that made women’s basketball way more popular among casual viewers. NBA legend LeBron James has sent glowing praise Clark’s way, but he actually thinks she benefited from staying in college.

LeBron James thinks Caitlin Clark got famous because she was at Iowa for 4 years

The number one thing is in women’s sports compared to the men, we have the ability to go to the NBA right after our freshman year.

In the women’s game, you have the ability to build your legacy and build your rapport, and brand with that fan base, with that community. Caitlin Clark… you’re watching these girls year after year after year continue to grow.

You get a woman to stay on campus, three to four years. I think that has a lot to do with the popularity of their sport.

It’s a bit of an eye-opening take from James when you consider the early stages of his playing career.

 James’ hype reached insane levels during his high school days, with ESPN even televising his games nationally and covering them like they were professional games.

It’s possible James could have developed a bigger fanbase were he to have attended Ohio State or another college. But he didn’t exactly need the extra years before the NBA in order to gain more fanfare.

Also, nothing is stopping men’s players from staying in college or more than one season.

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