LeBron James’ younger son ‘likes’ an IG post of Angel Reese setting her friend up with 17YO TikTok sensation

LeBron James

Part of why Angel Reese grew to be one of the biggest stars in college basketball was because of her strong social media presence. Some of her recent activity online caught the attention of the son of NBA star LeBron James.

TMSPN.com on X: "LeBron James Clowned On Social Media For Dressing Like LSU Star Angel Reese https://t.co/P8qd9sVE0B https://t.co/p0BHxn8b0n" / X

Recently, Reese did a livestream on Instagram to chat with fans. By the end, she was playing matchmaker. 17-year-old sensation TikTok “Whiteboyem” was in the stream, which led to Reese shouting him out. She also told him one of her friends was interested in him and to DM her so she can set them up.

Angel Reese’s livestream ended with over one million views on Instagram. Among those watching was LeBron James’ youngest son Bryce. The high school basketball star even dropped a like on the stream.

Bryce James thể hiện tình yêu với Angel Reese

Reese is currently going through her first training camp in the WNBA. Over the next week, the Chicago Sky will play their two preseason matchups. Reese will then make her official debut on May 15th in a game against the Dallas Wings.

Coming off a strong two-year tenure at LSU, the Sky drafted Reese No. 7 overall to be a pillar for the franchise moving forward.

Con trai út của LeBron, Bryce, đến thăm bang Ohio - Tin Mới

Angel Reese planning to link up with top NFL draft pick Caleb Williams

Over the past month, the Chicago Sky are not the only franchise in town to secure new promising young talent. In the 2024 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears took quarterback Caleb Williams with the No. 1 overall pick.

Ironically enough, Williams and Angel Reese are friends. The two linked up because they have a mutual friend. Now in the same city to start their pro careers, the two plan on hanging out.

During a recent interview, Reese talked about her friendship with Williams. She stated their mutual friend plans on coming to Chicago soon and they are all going to link up.

“Yeah, that’s my dog,” Reese said. “Yeah, me and Caleb are cool. One of my good friends are best friends with him that are in my friend group.

We talked after he got drafted, I don’t know when he’s going to be here, but we’re all going to hang out. My friend is coming down and we’re all going to hang out because we’re all cool.”


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