Why Did the Washington Mystics Pass on Angel Reese? Insider Spills the Beans on Chicago Sky Star’s #6 Pick Snub

The recent WNBA drafts were an absolute spectacle. The illuminated and illustrious event made several headlines involving the addition of these talented college basketball stars to the eminent franchises of the league.

However, there were various questions raised too about some of these inclusions. One of the burning ones is the Washington Mystics snubbing the three-time All-American forward Angel Reese.

Many eyebrows were raised as soon as the Mystics decided to go with UConn’s Aaliyah Edwards instead of Reese. To get a clear picture, some observers put forth their understanding of the situation.

One among them was the popular Washington Post reporter Kareem Copeland who joined radio host Craig Hoffman on his podcast The Hoffman Show.

On evaluating the possibilities of Reese’s late draft, Copeland said, “I didn’t think they were going to go the Angel route. Just because it’s more of a style of play kind of a thing at the moment. Aaliyah Edwards has a little bit more range to her game.” 

Additionally, Copeland also complemented Edwards’  perimeter shooting abilities and opined that also played a vital part in her drafting.

Later, he also appreciated the all-round play of the Canadian baller and how she’s more resourceful than Reese.

Copeland further added, “I think what it came down and she was a little bit more versatile than Angel. I think that’s what really appeal to Thibault and the Mystics.” 

Nonetheless, this did not stop the 21-year-old from landing a solid destination.

She will now dominate the court with the Chicago Sky team alongside Kamilla Cardoso. Additionally, in the meantime, it appears that Angel Reese now has a new nickname.

Angel Reese figures out her new nickname

Before making her professional debut, former LSU No. 10 Angel Reese had a brand new appellation. In a recent TikTok video, she made the revelations by saying, “Hey y’all, so it’s the ‘Chi Barbie’ here.” Moreover, she also said that her previous popular title, “The Bayou Barbie” will stay attached to her.

via Imago

Reese went on and said, “I’m still gonna be the ‘Bayou Barbie’ but I’m going to Chicago now, so they basically already been inheriting me into Chicago, so many people have reached out to me.

The love of Chicago is running deep and going crazy, so I’m the ‘Chi Barbie,’ I’m the ‘Baltimore Barbie,’ and I’m always gonna be the ‘Bayou Barbie.” 

Be it Washington or Chicago, Angel Reese has what it takes to be a standout anywhere. Her unique talent and specific skill-sett on the hardwood speak volumes and is enough to get the job done for any team. Only time will tell what the future holds for this fierce competitor.


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