Brianna Chickenfry Reveals She & Zach Bryan Were in a ‘Traumatizing’ Crash

The Barstool Sports personality recalled a rough couple of days on the road including a nearly fatal car crash and her cats running off.

zach bryan, brianna chickenfry

Brianna LaPaglia (better known by her pseudonym Brianna Chickenfry) revealed that she and her boyfriend Zach Bryan were in a brutal car crash in a TikTok video, posted on Tuesday, May 14. The podcaster, 24, recounted having a side-by-side crash where she admitted that she thought that they may not have made it out alive.

In the emotional clip, Brianna revealed that the incident occurred while she on the road with the country star, 28, on his current tour. “Two nights ago, Zach and I got into a traumatizing car crash. It flipped a bunch of times. Everything shattered. Thank God we had our seatbelts on,” she said.  “There was a lot of blood, and we thought that we were saying goodbye to each other.”

Brianna said that after the accident, Zach “got all stitched up” and they were lucky that he “didn’t hit an artery in the crash. She said that he was left with a “huge gash” though.

In a follow-up video, the Plan Bri host said that they were lucky to have survived and credited their seatbelts with helping them. She said that if they didn’t wear them, they could’ve suffered from far worse. “I will be that annoying person. I will spend the rest of my life saying, ‘Wear your seatbelts,’” she said. “If we didn’t have our seatbelts on, we would be literally decapitated, broke our necks, or dead.”

Other than the car accident, Brianna also revealed that shortly after the crash, her cat ran off the tour bus, and they needed to go off to search and find them. While they found her first cat, the next night another one of her cats ran off, and they spent hours trying to find them. She revealed that Zach leapt on the cat to get a hold of them, but “all of his stitches burst again.”

At the end of the clip, Brianna explained that she was absolutely worn out following the crash and two nights trying to find her cats. “I’m just so tired. My whole body hurts. I keep finding more bruises and scrapes. I pulled glass out of my cheek last night,” she said at the end of the clip.

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