Bruce Willis’ wife recalls ‘good times’ while ‘living in sin’ before dementia battle

Emma Hemming Willis has been looking after her Hollywood husband Bruce Willis amid his ongoing battle with frontotemporal dementia, known as FTD

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’ wife has recalled the couple’s “good times”.

Emma Hemming Willis has cared for her Hollywood husband since he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, known as FTD, since last year. The Die Hard star’s spouse is campaigning for awareness while supporting the actor amid his health battle.

She stepped out this week to meet New York senator Michelle Hinchey, discussing FTD and campaigning to end the disease. But it was on her way that Emma made a joke on her Instagram Story about her and Bruce’s life “in sin” before his devastating diagnosis.

Emma Hemming Willis

Emma uploaded a snap of the pair’s old apartment

Filming an apartment block from her car, she penned: “Spotted on my way to Albany. Our old NY apartment where Bruce and I were living in sin. Good times.” Uploading a snap later in the day, she wrote: “We were able to meet with Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins to tell her our FTD stories and let her know why an FTD registry would be so beneficial.

Bruce Willis


Emma added: “I’m so grateful to @michellehincheynysenate for all she has done in NY for FTD awareness. She has inspired me in so many ways to get on with advocacy efforts to #endFTD,” sharing a snap of the pair discussing her husband’s health.

She uploaded a snap to her photo grid, writing: “I love this photo because if you look at everyone’s face, we’re all beaming with pride. FTD leaves families passionate about working for change, and raw from the day-to-day emotional impact this disease has on us.

“But we do the work to honor our loved ones and to make it a bit lighter for the next family. I hope we’ll never have to welcome you into this community but if you find yourself here, you’ll be surrounded by people who understand, care and will lift you and your loved one up.”

Bruce was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, known as FTD, last year. His health battle was first announced the year prior when his family revealed he was suffering from a language disorder called aphasia.

Emma continues to share positivity on her social media, often delving into happier times through pictures and videos. Next to her latest uploads, she wrote: “Those Hollywood movie stars sure know how to shine bright, don’t they?”

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