CLINGING ON Katie Price breaks silence on Mucky Mansion eviction – and reveals she’ll be 140 miles away on day she’s ‘kicked out’

KATIE Price has broken her silence on her impending eviction from her £2m Mucky Mansion.

Signs have been put up at the Sussex property outlining that the house will be taken over on May 29 following a string of court hearings over an unpaid £761,994.05 tax bill.

Katie Price insists she isn't being evicted from her Sussex mansion

Katie Price insists she isn’t being evicted from her Sussex mansion


The former glamour model is said to have asked for an emergency court hearing amid her eviction order

The former glamour model is said to have asked for an emergency court hearing amid her eviction order
But despite the legal notices, Katie insists it isn’t happening

Speaking on the latest episode of her The Katie Price Show podcast, Katie told sister Sophie: “My house isn’t being repossessed, I’m not being evicted and I’m not moving into a caravan, although if I had to live in a caravan, you know what the travellers have, I would love that.

“I’ll also have another announcement to make on the 28th, bring it on sunshine.”

Sophie added that the pair will be on tour during the date of eviction. On May 28, the pair will appear in Bristol – 148 miles away.


It follows our exclusive report that Katie will move into a static caravan as a stopgap before renting a new property.

We also revealed that the 45-year-old is in the process of sorting a tenancy agreement on a stunning six-bedroom converted barn for £3,750-a-month.

However, last night it was reported that Katie is making a last ditch attempt to stay in her mansion by ‘applying for an emergency court hearing’.

It has been claimed Katie has asked the court to let appeal to a judge for the eviction order to be reversed.

The Mirror stated Katie will be cite that the dilapidated nine-bed property in West Sussex is her ‘family home’ and that she ‘runs her OnlyFans photo and video selling business‘ there.

A source told the publication it is the mum-of-five’s “last chance”, adding: “She’ll also have to prove that she can retrieve the financial situation by showing she can start settling her debts because it won’t be enough to just say it is her house and place of business.

“She’s going to have to stump up some readies and quickly.”
Katie Price dodges bankruptcy hearing again
Katie was made bankrupt for the second time two months ago over her HMRC debt.

She missed the court hearing and it was revealed she told lawyers less than 24 hours beforehand that she could not attend.

Katie had been due to appear before a judge on Tuesday (May 14) and was planning to plead her case then in a bid to keep her home.

The case has now been put back to July 30.


Katie will be on tour with sister Sophie on the eviction date

Katie will be on tour with sister Sophie on the eviction date
It is believed to be the reason behind Katie’s decision to apply for an emergency hearing.

Katie previously revealed she had been “legally signed off” from attending bankruptcy hearings by a psychiatrist and a consultant doctor at The Priory clinic.

She insisted on her podcast: “The court knew that I wasn’t going to my bankruptcy because mentally I have been signed off from any kind of activity of the court. To be cross examined in front of the media and the public.

“I am taking my bankruptcy so serious, like I do everything else, it is a very serious situation that I am in.”

Katie was first declared bankrupt in November 2019, with debts of £3.2million. Both orders are now running in tandem.

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