Wesley Snipes Responds To Rumors He’s Returning As Blade In The MCU

Wesley Snipes has given a vague response to rumors he will reprise the iconic character in the MCU’s Blade reboot.

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Wesley Snipes‘ 1998 Blade helped cement the character as a fan favorite. The Daywalker is set to return to the MCU, with Mahershala Ali taking over in the eponymous role in 2025. Fans have speculated online that Snipes may appear in a cameo in the new movie, and the actor recently responded to these rumors, but left fans none the wiser with an incredibly vague response.

Snipes took to X/Twitter to respond to a news report about rumors he would appear in Ali’s Blade. Snipes linked to the article in his tweet, with a caption that simply read, “Whuhuuut?” followed by the googly eyes emoji.

Marvel fans have responded to Snipes’ tweet in two very distinct ways. Some have taken the fact that Snipes even responded to the rumors as confirmation he is appearing in 2025′ Blade. Others were too distracted by the wave of nostalgia caused by Snipes tweeting about Blade, and were reminded of how much they loved the original trilogy, dismissing Ali’s casting in the new project.

The actual article shared mentioned a report from Daniel Richtman, a self-proclaimed Marvel insider, that suggested Snipes has “already signed to do some stuff there [in the MCU].” It is currently unclear whether Snipes will actually return as the iconic half-human/half-vampiric vampire hunter in the MCU. However, Snipes has actually already reprized the iconic role (kind of) following his last appearance in Blade: Trinity. Snipes made a cameo in Season 1 of FX’s hit comedy What We Do in the Shadows, as a member of the vampiric council. While he appears in the show as Wesley Snipes, the council make several references to Snipes’ tenure as Blade, calling him the “day-walker”, “a vampire killer” and “half-vampire.”

Blade Has Had a Rocky Production Schedule

Blade was first announced in 2019, and teased to be part of Phase 4 of the MCU. However, the project has seen numerous delays, thanks in part to the COVID pandemic, as well as the joining WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in 2023. But the production has also had internal issues as well. The film’s script has reportedly undergone numerous rewrites. The project has also seen multiple directors come and go, with Yann Demange (White Boy Rick) currently attached to the project.

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Blade has encountered many production delays and while some fans might think it is simple, there is more than slaying vampires the MCU movie must do.

The MCU’s Blade is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 7, 2025. However, new rumors are suggesting the film may be pushed back to 2026. Mahershala Ali is still tapped for the starring role, although his involvement has also been overshadowed by rumors that he has left the project. Blade also stars the rising horror scream-queen Mia Goth. Goth’s role is currently under wraps, but fans are speculating that the Pearl star could be playing Lilith, the Mother of Demons. However, this is purely speculative.

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