Jennifer Aniston Had A Sweet And Totally On-Brand Ageless Paul Rudd Post For His Birthday

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd in Wanderlust.

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Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston have a friendship that has lasted almost three decades.

Even in the first movie they worked on together, their chemistry was very obvious, so it’s not surprising to see that even years later, they’re still close.

For Rudd’s birthday this year, Aniston made this love obvious.

She gave him the sweetest shout out on social media and still managed to throw in a light joke, involving his apparent agelessness, that only buddies can get away with.

The actress recently took to Instagram and posted a clip from Wanderlust, the 2012 comedy they starred in together, along with Kathryn Hahn, Jordan Peele and others.

In the hilarious scene, the This Is 40 star’s character kills a fly, horrifying those around them, who happened to be part of a hippie commune.

If that wasn’t enough, the Friends actress added an even funnier caption to her post, commemorating another trip the actor made around the sun.

She wrote: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL RUDD I love you, you ageless freak!” Check it out:

Jennifer Aniston shouting out Paul Rudd on Instagram.

(Image credit: Instagram)
Even though she was joking, she’s not wrong! The Clueless actor just turned 55, but he hardly looks any older than 35.

His fresh glow has been a hot topic for years, and he’s even had people question where’s the fountain of youth he’s been drinking out of.

But he’s actually revealed that the secret to his ageless appearance is maintaining a daily routine and giving his body the nourishment it needs.

I’d like to think that his role in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man really helped him boost his routine.

He’s previously spoken about the insane regimen he was put on, which included having a cup of coffee and doing cardio before even getting started with the rest of his day.

The beloved actor also mentioned that during that time, he was lifting weights at least three times a week and that he was really embracing the comfort that came with his day-to-day.

So, if that’s what it takes to look like he does at 55, it’s time for me to jump on that train.

Jennifer Aniston also deserves all the credit here also as she looks amazing as well.

The Morning Show star is the same age as her friend, and she looks just as youthful as ever.

What’s even more shocking is that together, they look practically the same as they did in the 1998 film The Object of My Affection, the first movie they worked on together.

In the rom-com, she stars as Nina, a woman who eventually falls in love with her gay best friend, George, played by Paul Rudd.

While they don’t have any collaborations on the 2024 movie schedule, Aniston and Rudd seem to get along great, and I’m hoping they work on something that includes the both of them soon.

It just seems like just yesterday that I was watching Paul Rudd as a 20-something-year-old in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet (and, yes, I did just age myself).

And, now, almost like in the blink of an eye, he’s just celebrated his 55th birthday. Time really flies, but I’m excited to see what’s coming up next for the immortal-seeming star!

While the leading man has a few new movies in the works, release dates have not been announced for them yet.

Still, you can still catch him leading the ghost-hunting legacy in the recently released Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which is playing in theaters now. You can also watch the Ant-Man trilogy using a Disney+ subscription.

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