NBA – 13 years later, Klay Thompson still shocked by Steph Curry: “How does he…

Golden State Warriors NBA stars Klay Thompson (left) and Stephen Curry (right)

A Warriors player since 2011, Klay Thompson has always played there with Stephen Curry and can therefore consider knowing him better than anyone.

And yet, he admits to still not having fully understood one of the secrets of the Chef’s game.

When he arrived in the franchise, it seemed difficult to see him make his mark.

After all, at the time, Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis formed one of the most promising and spectacular duos in the Western Conference.

However, following the trade of the latter, Klay Thompson was gradually able to establish himself as the starting back of the Warriors

. All this, while establishing a full-fledged bond with his backcourt friend.

Klay Thompson still captivated by Steph Curry

While he is currently experiencing his 13th season in the ranks of Golden State, Thompson still forms a formidable pair with Curry.

Logic would therefore dictate that after so many years at his side and so many exploits achieved with him, he knows all the ins and outs of his game.

And yet, during his recent appearance on the Draymond Green Podcast , he admitted not still not understanding a nuance:

Klay Thompson: I think what I admire most about him is the force he generates on his shots. Like, I think he weighs 85 or 90kg (83, editor’s note)… How does he manage to shoot 10 meters from the basket with such precision and ease? I think part of it is his legs, but he’s incredibly strong. And then, he arms his shots at crazy speed, whether off the dribble or otherwise. That’s crazy.

That’s what I admire, his ability to be able to shoot from any angle and regardless of the position of his feet. As long as his shoulders are aligned with the basket, his shots have a chance of falling in, and that’s what really impresses me about him. Not to mention how quickly he draws.

So many qualities that would leave any other sniper equally speechless.

That being said, Klay also has a lot to brag about in the field. Moreover, he made sure to proudly deliver an anecdote on this subject involving… Barack Obama:

Klay Thompson: It’s still probably one of the best moments of my life. When we went to the White House in 2015, President Obama said my shot was a little better than Steph’s. This is the small victory I can boast of. He may have a better 3-point percentage and more shots than me, but the 44th President of the United States slightly prefers my shot!

It just goes to show that Steph doesn’t win all the votes in her chosen field, much to the delight of her old sidekick.

Faithful friend of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson struggles to understand how the latter manages to be so skillful at very long distance despite such a slender size. Better ask him before it’s too late.

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