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San Antonio Spurs NBA figures Gregg Popovich (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)
San Antonio Spurs (DR) / NBA (DR)

Victor Wembanyama and Gregg Popovich had a great first season together, despite a rather disappointing collective record.

But for a veteran, the Frenchman has everything it takes to shine in the NBA

The duo composed of Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama is the dream of many people on the Spurs side.

The legendary coach seems to be the perfect teacher for Wemby, to allow him to dominate the NBA and bring San Antonio back to the top of the Western Conference.

A marriage even too perfect for some, who go so far as to say that Adam Silver planned it all.

This says a lot about the hopes of this duo, capable of great things in the future… although it will take time.

Like the Spurs’ record, it is clear that the reconstruction process will take time, at least until the 2025 draft according to information from an insider.

Until then, Wembanyama will have the opportunity to improve his game under the leadership of Pop.

Wembanyama perfect fit with Popovich?

But is Popovich really the perfect coach to help Wemby progress?

This is the question asked to a veteran of the house on the show Run it Back.

Rudy Gay, who was able to cross paths with the coach in San Antonio, quickly gave his opinion. He’s a little amused at first, but he recognizes Wembanyama’s talent.

Rudy Gay on whether Gregg Popovich is the right coach for Victor Wembanyama : “I don’t know, I’m not sure. I don’t know exactly what type of Gregg Popovich there is in San Antonio right now (he smiles). He has become a little older. I don’t really know what’s going on, and the game has really evolved. I didn’t really go back there. »

“But I know he has the knowledge to help the kid.” I know he’s going to walk away with rookie of the year.

He also achieves some pretty crazy statistics. It’s pretty crazy to see him play, to watch him and see the moves he can do. »

Wembanyama is certainly a spectacular player, especially given his size.

Rudy Gay is excited, especially since Popovich has what it takes to help him become one of the best players in the league very quickly.

And Spurs intend to take advantage of it.

Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama are certainly a perfect duo on paper.

And given their first season together, their understanding, we can say that the fans are convinced.

It remains to be seen what they can accomplish collectively from now on.

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