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Ricky Council IV pulled off a genius pass on Victor Wembanyama

When Victor Wembanyama carries out a big action, it generally goes around the world.

But this is also the case when it is found on someone else’s highlight. After his high-class streak, a Sixers player bragged quite clearly to the media.

Because the Spurs have been doing better in recent weeks and are progressing at the same time as Victor Wembanyama, their meeting against the Sixers last weekend was much closer than fans imagined.

Indeed, it took two overtimes to choose a winner between the worst team in the Western conference and the 7th in the East.

It was ultimately Nicolas Batum and his teammates who enforced sporting logic and left Texas with victory.

On top of that, the young Ricky Council IV perhaps left with the greatest highlight of his career.

In the last seconds of the match, he signed a completely crazy assist on Wemby’s head.

Ricky Council IV talks about his pass on Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is already the most terrifying defender on the planet, and when he’s under the basket, absolutely no one dares take a chance.

Ricky Council IV was no exception, but he had the presence of mind to find Nicolas Batum with a brilliant pass around the French pivot.

A few days later, he returned to this crazy action for the official Sixers radio:

I will always remember this pass. Joel Embiid just came to see me, and he told me that there are only three people capable of throwing this pass in the NBA.

It’s just LeBron James, Luka Doncic and me. So I’m not going to complain, I’ll accept the compliment.

Ricky Council IV made one of the passes of the season in the NBA, in a crucial moment for his team.

And the fact that he had to bypass the best blocker in the league to achieve this must add a little prestige to this great action.

Moreover, according to Joel Embiid, few players would have had the presence of mind to do the same.

Ricky Council IV can be proud of this decisive pass on Victor Wembanyama’s head, especially since it was decisive in his team’s result.

It remains to be seen whether he can be at this level during the playoffs.

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