NBA – After his crazy season, Wembanyama’s warning to the league: “I’m at…

French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Despite a crazy season with Spurs, Victor Wembanyama certainly doesn’t want to stop there.

The Frenchman is only just getting started and it turns out that he is still far from being 100% as he announces.

While the Spurs finished with a great victory over the Pistons, we imagine that Victor Wembanyama enjoyed the show.

He was unable to be on the pitch due to the risk of injury, but the Frenchman wanted to be there to support his family and thank the fans in person one last time.

For the Texans, we will now have to wait until October.

Wembanyama still far from his prime

By then, Wemby will have played in the Olympic Games and count on him to give everything.

The next few months will allow him to develop his game, especially since he is still far from playing at his best level.

In any case, this is what Victor shares with Théo Quintard: the best is yet to come for Wembanyama in San Antonio.

Victor Wembanyama : “I would say I’m currently at 15% between my first NBA game and what I hope will be my prime. »

Wemby is only 20 years old after all, which means he’ll hit his prime in a few years, once he feels more comfortable in the NBA already.

However, his rookie campaign remains exceptional and the competition must be wary.

Wembanyama is only just getting started and his sophomore season is already shaping up to be more spectacular.

Yeah we’re screwed

The league is in danger if this is the case…

Victor Wembanyama announces the color: he is still far, very far from his prime currently.

The Frenchman will continue to get better with one goal in mind, winning the championship. Good luck to the competition.

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