NBA – His season finished, the mind-blowing rankings dominated by Wembanyama: “It’s crazy”

Victor Wembanyama at a press conference
Spurs (DR)

Since all good things come to an end, we will not see Victor Wembanyama on the court again this season.

These fantastic debuts for the rookie therefore culminate with, among other things, a leading position in a new and quite particular field.

Given that we cannot write Victor Wembanyama without the “V” of “victory” nor the “W” of “win”, the Frenchman’s season had to end with a triumph for Spurs and not the least, as this was the case this Friday against the Nuggets (121-120).

Although the year was tough from an accounting point of view (21-60) for his team, the rookie demonstrated that he had a winning mentality.

It is this same state of mind that allowed him to achieve this already historic first year .

It also takes a lot of talent to achieve such feats, something that the Alien has in large quantities.

But while we have often talked about his leading position among the best blockers in the league with an average of 3.6 blocks, another ranking dominated by Frenchy is shaking the Twittersphere.

A first season synonymous with domination for Wembanyama

Highest percentage in 3-point step backs this season: 46.2% – Victor Wembanyama 45.3% – Darius Garland 44.7% – Donovan Mitchell

While he is aligned most often as an interior, Wembanyama was the player, all positions combined, who had the greatest success in the 3-point step back among those who attempted more than 100.

The nugget of 20 years has once again proven to us that the laws of nature do not apply to her. It was enough for fans to start questioning everything with strong statements.

A center who leads the league in three-point percentage in stepback, it’s crazy

Wemby, best rookie in history. 🐐Period.

Victor Wembanyama left no room for competition for his first season.

But we are not only talking about his position as favorite in ROTY or leader in counterattacks, since he was also the player to have the highest percentage of success in 3-point shots in step back.

Just in case, we remind you that he measures 2m24…

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