NBA – LeBron James’ blunt opinion on Steph Curry: “He’s the real one…

NBA Curry et leBron James

During the match between the Lakers and the Warriors this Tuesday, LeBron James and his team had to lose (120-134).

Although the Dubs showed great collective skill at 3 points, the King insisted on the difficulty that defense represents on Stephen Curry. He is a visionary.

In this final stretch before the playoffs, the Lakers, who are currently 9th in the West, like the Warriors, 10th, aim to possibly gain a few places for the play-in.

In great form recently, Stephen Curry ‘s teammates came to win against LeBron James ‘ gang in the lair of the Arena.

Deprived of Anthony Davis due to his state of health, the Chosen One was not able to respond to the insane 3-point skill of his opponents of the day, despite his 33 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds.

It is clear that the 2022 champions are still capable of such demonstrations of power.

A result that fits with the words of the four-time MVP, spoken a few days earlier in his Mind The Game podcast .

The defense on Steph Curry dissected by LeBron James

Steph passes to Klay Thompson and he scores a 3-pointer.

On a following action, we see that Steph cuts backdoor and I mark her in the pants. I don’t even look at the ball.

And I know any coach would have said you should never take your eyes off the ball.

They say the ball is the main problem. The ball is not the problem with Steph Curry, he is the real problem!

Where Steph is most dangerous is when he doesn’t have the ball.

Very few players are as dangerous without the ball. I’ve fought enough battles against these guys to understand that.

I have a different point of view than others on all this.

When Steph decides to cut inside, you should never let up.

He will be back. But you have to have defended him a lot of times to understand that.

It’s unpleasant to have to defend on Steph. And the problem with players in the league is that they hate being put in an uncomfortable situation.

This is why Steph and the Warriors will always be a threat.

Because they have a style of play that is unpleasant for their opponents.

To this day, the mystery remains as to how we should go about stopping Stephen Curry.

LeBron insists that under no circumstances should you take your eyes off the Splash Brother, nor give him any space in defensive possession.

But that still did not prevent the latter from stacking 5 3-point baskets out of 5 attempted to finish this Tuesday’s meeting with 23 points (7/9), 7 rebounds and 8 assists.

It is very likely that we will have the right to this opposition again for the play-in, and the King will have to find other solutions until then.

Many coaches are racking their brains to know how to stop Stephen Curry.

But according to LeBron James, if we want to minimize the star point guard’s chances of doing damage, it’s important to always keep an eye on him when he doesn’t have the ball

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