NBA – On fire, Victor Wembanyama provokes Gregg Popovich: “He already knows that I am…

Gregg Popovich and his prodigy Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is obviously keen to finish his rookie season well, so he put out another big performance against Nikola Jokic and Denver.

After his enormous heat stroke, he allowed himself a great provocation against his trainer Gregg Popovich.

Beaten by Chet Holmgren for the title of rookie of the month in December, Victor Wembanyama said a sentence which perfectly sums up his mentality and his desire to accomplish great things: “From now on, every match will be a demonstration”.

If he was not perfect every night, it is clear that he took great responsibility for his words.

And this Friday, for his last duel of the season against Nikola Jokic, the Frenchman once again pulled out all the stops.

His 34 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists are impressive, as are the 17 points he scored in 3 minutes to begin the comeback of his team.

Wemby already has all the makings of a great player, and his second season at the highest level promises to be terrifying.

Victor Wembanyama proclaims himself boss in San Antonio

Over the moon after this promising success, Victor Wembanyama allowed himself a little humor during his appearance on Bally Sports San Antonio.

Asked about his availability for the last back-to-back of the season, he claimed to be the big boss of the Spurs, even ahead of Gregg Popovich.

The sequence sums up well the good atmosphere that reigns in Texas.

Victor Wembanyama: It’s tough playing against the No. 1 player in the conference, but it was nothing new for me.

It’s in adversity that you can see what player you are. I was aggressive from the start because it’s part of the plan to attack first.

Jokic quickly had several fouls so it was beneficial for us to attack him.

Am I going to play back-to-back tomorrow? I’m going to say that I feel good no matter what, and Pop will choose.

Sean Elliott: Tell Popovich you’re the boss!

Victor Wembanyama: He already knows it!

Victor Wembanyama can say it in a humorous tone and with a smile, there is still a good part of truth in his words.

Gregg Popovich may be a great legend, he may have won many titles, but he is reaching the end of his career, while the Frenchman is only at the beginning.

The Alien represents the present and the future of the franchise, no one can deny that.

Victor Wembanyama will never officially be more important than Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, a question of seniority and track record… But behind the joke, he could quickly become the unofficial boss of the franchise.

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