NBA – Shaquille O’Neal’s shocking opinion on the Warriors: “Like d*gs…

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal (left) and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry (right)

As one of the most influential analysts in the NBA microcosm, Shaquille O’Neal must carefully follow league news.

He has just delivered a cash prediction on the Warriors, going somewhat against the general opinion about them.

Just a few days before the end of the regular season, the suspense remains in many respects. Several series, for example, animate this final sprint in the Western Conference, including the battle which rages in the qualifying zone for the Play-In Tournament.

Through his role as analyst, Shaquille O’Neal keeps a close eye on this issue, and in particular on the thorny case of Golden State.

Shaquille O’Neal surprises on the Warriors and Klay Thompson

Now assured of finishing in the Top-10 in the West, and therefore of playing even a tiny part of the postseason, the Warriors even remain able to enter the Top-8.

For the moment, however, they are only in 10th place in the conference and are therefore not necessarily popular with the bookmakers.

O’Neal, however, made it one of the franchises to follow in his Big Podcast :

Shaquille O’Neal: My surprise team in the playoffs? The Golden State Warriors. They’re going to beat the Lakers if they play them in the Play-In.

Adam Lefkoe: And if that’s the case, they’ll probably fall against the Thunder or the Timberwolves.

Shaquille O’Neal: And they can beat them too.

Relatively optimistic for the Dubs compared to the rest of the NBA community, Shaq justifies his point of view by focusing on the case of a specific star:

Shaquille O’Neal: Curry is not the biggest danger on this team. It’s Klay Thompson. With a guy like that, all I need is two good games from him.

What I know and respect about Klay is that he doesn’t let himself be walked on. Like dogs, when you push them into a corner, they will start growling and biting. Right now, everyone’s spitting on Klay, like, “Oh, he’s coming off the bench, he’s lost his cool…” But he’s still playing and all you need from him is one match where his shot is set and where his feelings are good.

Klay Thompson is the factor that no one really considers anymore. We know what Steph is going to do, but if I can have Klay in the spot even for two or three matches…

The key to success would therefore lie in the form of Klay Thompson for Steve Kerr’s men

. Things are looking quite good for them, knowing that the rear remains with two performances full of skill at 32 and 27 points.

Despite their current 10th place in the West, the Warriors are to be feared according to Shaquille O’Neal.

Particularly if Klay Thompson, with his back to the wall, continues to post high percentages and regain his former level.

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