NBA – The perfect player to accompany Wembanyama to the Spurs already found?

Victor Wembanyama

As the offseason draws closer, the Spurs will have choices to make, especially to surround Victor Wembanyama well.

For several insiders, one name comes up insistently.

After another fairly terrible season in terms of accounting, the Spurs will at least have the right to a fairly high draft choice.

A good thing in appearance, it’s a shame that recruiters aren’t really excited about this vintage.

To sign a promising player, you will have to wait until the 2025 draft, which the Spurs have planned to do according to information from an insider .

In reality, the organization’s plans have never changed: wait and build this roster little by little in order to return to the top of the Western Conference.

Despite the Victor Wembanyama rocket, don’t count on the front office to move too quickly, for example by picking up Trae Young on the market.

In addition, nothing says that the leader will be available.

A perfect duo for Wembanyama at Spurs?

With the Hawks in play-in, since they will face the Bulls, it is entirely possible that Atlanta decides to keep its best elements.

The Spurs will therefore have to turn to another player in the event of a trade, with why not Darius Garland to the Cavaliers.

Kevin Pelton and Bobby Marks are in any case intrigued in their recent article for ESPN.

Pelton : “I don’t like the idea of ​​trading for Young. We must associate Wemby with a player who is more threatening without the ball, more competitive in defense. Garland seems to fit. »

Marks : “I’m not emptying my assets for Trae. I agree, Garland is a much better fit. »

Garland remains a scoring threat and a good passer, reflecting his 6.6 assists on average.

A definitely interesting player and much cheaper than Trae Young.

But the leader’s future should depend on that of Donovan Mitchell, who could jump ship if he does not sign an extension this summer.

Darius Garland? This is perhaps an underrated name to be associated with Victor Wembanyama.

An interesting profile for the Spurs, but too similar to Devin Vassell? We imagine that the front office will have plenty to think about this summer.

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