NBA – Wembanyama already among the league’s elite? An ex-Spur cuts it to the chase: “I would put it…

NBA Victor Wembanyama

Destined for the title of Rookie of the Year, Victor Wembanyama aims much higher than that and is applying to become the best player in the NBA and in all history.

For now, a former Spurs player has already tried to place him in the league hierarchy.

After having had to face competition from Chet Holmgren for a long time, he seems to have gotten rid of it for a few weeks now.

Victor Wembanyama is indeed heading towards a coronation as Rookie of the Year, which will not, however, satisfy him.

The young French interior wants to climb the ranks at breakneck speed, which he has actually already achieved in recent months within the league.

Victor Wembanyama already a member of the NBA’s individual elite?

In addition to his domination over other rookies, Wembanyama is already showing himself capable of looking his most prestigious peers eye to eye.

This, whether on the floors or in the rankings. Thus, according to some, he is now one of the best players in the NBA.

This is, for example, what the famous US media The Ringer estimates , which makes him the 16th best player in the league:

Interspersed in the middle of this list, Wemby is ahead of stars like Paul George (21st), Domantas Sabonis (24th), Damian Lillard (26th) or Kyrie Irving (30th).

All this has obviously caused debate in the United States, where Rudy Gay was notably called upon to decide in Run It Back .

And after expressing his doubts about the duo formed by Victor and Gregg Popovich , the ex-Spurs winger validated this position:

Michelle Beadle: Where would you rank him if you had to make a ranking of the best players in the league currently?

Rudy Gay: You have some crazy questions!… I would put it in my Top 30, definitely.

A more than honorable accolade for a player who has only 70 NBA games in his career. However, this would only be the beginning for him, as Gay and Chandler Parsons anticipate:

Chandler Parsons: And besides, in my opinion, from next year, he can climb into the Top 12.

Rudy Gay: Yeah. I agree with that.

At only 20 years old and while his rookie season is still not over, Victor Wembanyama would have his place in the Top 30 of the NBA according to The Ringer and Rudy Gay.

He therefore seems well on his way to achieving one of his objectives, namely first place.

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