NBA – Wembanyama sanctioned on the field, Gregg Popovich cash: “If he wants to do that…

Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama at a press conference
Spurs (DR)

In an evening close to perfection against the Nuggets, Victor Wembanyama also took a sanction from the referees. Not a problem for Gregg Popovich.

Exceptional against the Nuggets this Friday, Victor Wembanyama continues to be unanimous on the floor.

The Spurs are progressing at the same time and will have shown great progress in the last weeks of competition, all without Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan.

But in this match that is so exciting to follow, there is a little hiccup for Wemby.

Wembanyama sanctioned by a referee

Before getting hot with 17 points in less than three minutes , or allowing the Spurs to come back level with the Nuggets, Wembanyama took a technical foul after complaining to a referee.

This is not the Frenchman’s first this season, but it is rare enough to be noted. Especially since Victor rarely gets annoyed like this.

Wembanyama had already taken a technical earlier in the season for kicking the ball, which perhaps seemed a bit harsh.

He was also fined recently for throwing a ball into the stands.

But anger at the referees for bad whistles?

This is a first for Victor.

At a press conference, Gregg Popovich returned to this episode, explaining that it was probably the first “real” technique for Victor. But no problem for the coach.

Gregg Popovich on Victor Wembanyama’s technique : “I think it’s his first real technique, the other one he threw the ball or something like that.

But you get frustrated when you get hit every night.

But he doesn’t cry, he doesn’t complain, so if he wants to do this once a year, that’ll be fine.

He probably could have done it more often. »

A new technique for Victor Wembanyama, but no problem for his coach, especially since the Frenchman was rather calm the rest of the year.

And it’s probably not the last.

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