NBA – Wembanyama’s dominance proven with an insolent stat: “The craziest in history”

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs
Spurs (DR)

Victor Wembanyama will not play again this season, which means that he will finish number 1 in blocks per match, far ahead of the competition… and even certain franchises.

The Spurs made the news official this Saturday: Victor Wembanyama is out against the Pistons this Sunday.

The player is fit to play but the medical staff refuses to take risks, particularly with a possible injury.

It would be a shame to get hurt at the end, not to mention the fact that Wemby will have a busy summer with the Olympic Games at the end of July.

Wembanyama’s crazy domination

This end of the season means that Wembanyama’s statistics are now official, including 3.6 blocks per match.

He will finish as the leader of the NBA at only 20 years old and that can make you dizzy, especially since Wemby can easily follow suit.

What’s the craziest thing in the end? The Frenchman does better than a franchise… on his own.

Blocks per game for Wemby – 3.6. Blocks per game for the Miami Heat – 3.4.

Wembanyama counters more often than an entire franchise, which speaks volumes about his dominance in this area.

So certainly, his 2m24 helps a lot, but the player’s mobility and his anticipation should not be neglected either.

And there is no doubt that he will be able to do even better in the years to come.

This might be the craziest stat in history😭

Victor Wembanyama is already an exceptional blocker in this league, all at only 20 years old and for his rookie campaign.

Suffice to say that the attackers will have a bad time against the Spurs in the future…

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