(VIDEO) Stephen Curry Gives ‘Emotional’ Response While Giving Love to Warriors Fans on the Road, “Thank you for helping me from an ordinary person to a professional player”

Stephen Curry Gives ‘Emotional’ Response While Giving Love to Warriors Fans on the Road

The Golden State Warriors are coming off a 100-92 victory against Portland, wrapping up this season’s road games.

 Stephen Curry had a decent outing, leading the team with a 22-point performance on the night.

His late-game antics even earned him the support of opposing fans, as the crowd at Moda Center cheered at his every three-pointer.

The recent victory helped the Warriors pass their previous year’s win total.

In fact, the Warriors just won nine of their last 10 games, only dropping a single game to the Mavericks.

After the game, Curry was asked about his experience playing with such away support, and he humbly responded,

“I never take it for granted. It’s obviously grown since I got here in ’09 and the big jump it took after the first Championship in ’15 and every year it feels like more and more of a thing, and that support is just amazing cause people spend their hard-earned money to come out and watch us play.” 

Curry further appreciated the love and support the fans have shown the franchise year after year, even showing up early to see him put up shots. 

The support for Curry and the Dubs has only grown year after year, with the franchise gaining over 26 times its valuation since he first put on a Warriors jersey in 2009.

Stephen Curry gets love on the road

Chef Curry has always been a fan favorite, often pulling huge crowds wherever he went to play.

His coming out party came at Madison Square Garden in 2013, when the sharpshooter scored 54 points.

 The Garden is definitely one place where Curry has a huge fan following. He even broke Ray Allen’s three-point record at the Garden, receiving

It’s no surprise why Curry receives such love from NBA fans, across the world. He is an undersized guard, not too physically imposing, and highly relatable for the average viewer.

His otherworldly shooting ability might be another reason fans stalk stadiums to watch him go to work.

The Warriors guard is deadly once he crosses half-court, often launching the ball from over 40 feet away. His marksmanship is mesmerizing, coupled with all of Curry’s off-ball movement. It’s no surprise fans can’t take their eyes off No. 30.

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