The image of Stephen Curry’s horribly sprained ankle has the Warriors fearing the worst

The Warriors star sparked fresh concerns with his latest game footage

Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry left fans worrying over his latest issue with his ankle after footage surfaced on social media of the Golden State Warriors star escaping a serious injury.

He was the top scorer with 33 points, four rebounds and five assists but couldn’t prevent the Warriors from succumbing to a narrow 114-109 defeat against the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday.

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During the game, Curry was seen wearing one of his trademark ankle braces to protect his foot, which by now they know is nothing to be concerned about.

But it appeared to be working overtime in preventing injury when Curry rolled his right ankle when in possession of the ball.

He managed to stay on his feet, but the 35-year-old looked in some discomfort as he passed the ball to a team-mate.

Only a month ago, an MRI showed Curry had sprained his ankle and forced him to sit out a few games before making his recovery.

But there may be some long-lasting issues from that injury after his latest scare.

It is difficult for Warriors fans not to wince when watching Curry’s ankle look so precarious after landing awkwardly on it during the game, especially considering his previous troubles.

He did stay in the game, however, which would suggest the issue may not be serious.

Is Steve Kerr to blame?

It is nothing new for the veteran NBA star, with ankle sprains plaguing Curry early in his career and resulted in him needing two different surgeries.

He has been able to turn around his career since wearing ankle braces, reducing the stress on his ankle, which is a common injury amongst towering basketball stars.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr will be acutely aware of Curry’s problems and recent injury concerns, yet he bluntly replied “No” when asked if Curry would be rested against the Pelicans.

With the team struggling with a 45-36 record and 10th in the Western Conference, that is understandable.

But for Curry’s future health, he may need to consider allowing him to fully recover before considering him for selection again.

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