What is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s skincare regime?

What is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s skincare regime? What is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s skincare regime? (Image Via Ayesha Curry Instagram)

esha Curry, along with her husband Stephen Curry, recently in a GRWM video by Vogue provided an intimate look into their skincare routine, revealing a meticulous yet accessible regimen that the couple undertakes together.

Stephen Curry is a celebrated NBA player known for his exceptional skills on the basketball court as part of the Golden State Warriors, is also recognized for his philanthropy and entrepreneurial ventures.

His wife, Ayesha Curry, is a culinary entrepreneur, bestselling author, and television personality renowned for her passion for food and family.

What is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s skincare routine like?

Detailed breakdown of their skincare routine

1) Exfoliating Cleanser

The first step in their skincare routine entails the use of exfoliation cleansers by the brand Kava that contains an active ingredient that acts as a natural exfoliate for smoothing skin. In this step, Ayesha guides Stephen on the importance of starting with a fresh and clean face.

2) Toning

After cleaning her face, Ayesha applies toner onto a cotton pad to bring moisture back to her face before going into other treatments. While taking him through this process she points out how it closes pores and refreshes the skin.

3) Under-eye gel patches

She then moves on to the under-eye gel patches that help in getting rid of puffiness under the eyes. Then softly places them on Stephen’s face. The targeted treatment aims at reducing swelling under eye areas due to tiredness or stress.

4) Hydrating face oil

She follows up by teaching him how to moisturize using facial oil which he then taps gently on his face using a few droplets only. This stage also helps nourish as well as hydrate the skin hence giving it a healthy glowing look.

5) Gua sha massage

A key highlight of the routine is when Mrs. Curry introduces the gua sha technique to Mr. Curry; This involves using the tool in an upward manner against one’s face with a slow-paced massage technique. This helps improve blood flow and better product absorption as well.

6) Sunscreen application

Though it may seem a common step, a proper application of sunscreen is very important. They both wear sunscreen every morning during their skincare routine to fight off UV rays that cause aging and skin damage.

7) Lip mask

Ayesha ends this routine by applying a Laneige lip mask as the final touch that makes their lips feel hydrated and smooth afterward- an essential part of their overall skin regime.

Benefits of gua sha

The video also showed Stephen Curry’s sheer delight at using gua sha for the first time. However, aside from looking like a trendy gadget, this skincare tool has serious benefits too.

1) Facial sculpting and contouring

By massaging one’s skin slightly upwards, gua sha can stimulate blood flow while helping to drain the lymphatic system. Over time it may help sculpt the face by minimizing puffiness, lifting droopy places or even enhancing its contours.

2) Improved Circulation

The massage movement when done through gua sha enhances better circulation in the skin providing cells with oxygen and nutrients while also improving blood circulation.

3) Lymphatic drainage

Gua sha also helps in getting rid of fluid retention in one’s face and also reduces swelling. Gua-sha promotes lymphatic flow which helps to define the jawline and reduce puffy appearance.

4) Relaxation/stress reduction

The gentle massage involved in it relaxes facial muscles leading to stress reduction amongst other effects such as a calming effect on the nervous system hence reducing premature aging; and dullness or even dryness of skin due to stress-induced conditions.

5) Increased product absorption

The incorporation of gua sha into a skincare routine may facilitate better product absorption. By promoting improved blood flow and opening up the skin pores, gua sha can enable serums and oils used for skin care to penetrate through more effectively.

6) Natural anti-aging benefits

The use of Gua Sha helps to enhance blood circulation around the face which promotes collagen formation hence reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The facial muscles are tightened by Gua Sha such that when applied consistently it makes the skin look more youthful than it actually is.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s skincare routine did not involve a whole lot of steps. It was easy and simple and people looking to recreate their skincare routine can definitely do so without any hassle.

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