REPORT: Travis Kelce Is Nervous About Encountering Taylor Swift Jokes At His New Job. |T

REPORT: Travis Kelce Is Nervous About Encountering Taylor Swift Jokes At His New Job



Travis Kelce smiles on the red carpet and Taylor Swift poses for the camera.Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Photos via Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs star Tight End and Superbowl champ Travis Kelce is apparently a man of many talents.

The 34-year-old is strengthening his case for a post-career endeavor in Hollywood as he is reportedly hosting the show “Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity”. Kelce has reportedly been doing extremely well at the job as explained by sources at US Weekly.

While Kelce may excelling at his job as host of the show, an Instagram account, Deuxmoi, has reported that Kelce has been nervous about jokes being made about his current girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift.
Instagram story (via @Deuxmoi)

Swift and Travis’ brother Jason have also been in attendance at the filming of the episodes for the show, which premiered earlier this month. It’s a spinoff of the popular show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” and the show will be aired on the popular streaming service Amazon Prime.

Travis Kelce’s Hollywood Reputation Bolstered After The Beginning Of His Relationship With Taylor Swift

Amazon’s decision to cast Kelce as the host of the show came before his high-profile relationship was made public in the summer of 2023. Travis has indeed had experience in the field of television before when he hosted his own reality series known as “Catching Kelce” which premiered in 2016.

Kelce is not just an entertainer on the field but is also pretty good off the field as well. Last year Kelce hosted an episode of the popular Saturday Night Live which gained him more popularity, as he has appeared in numerous commercials since then.

Kelce’s relationship with the history-making artist has only gotten more popularized after Swift attended Superbowl 58 to cheer on her boyfriend and the rest of the Chiefs. If one thing’s for sure, this definitely won’t be the last we hear of the famous duo.

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