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How much money will Caitlin Clark make as a rookie in the WNBA?


INDIANAPOLIS — Caitlin Clark is on her way to the WNBA, and the Iowa superstar will likely be the No. 1 overall pick to the Indiana Fever in Monday’s draft, pushing her to the highest rookie pay scale.

So, how much money will Clark make when she gets to the professional league?

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Here’s a rundown:

Caitlin Clark will not take a pay cut in the WNBA

Technically, the term ‘NIL’ doesn’t exist in the WNBA — but that’s because they’re just called sponsorships. Clark will still take her national sponsorships with her to the league, which includes State Farm, Gatorade, Nike, Xfinity, H&R Block, and Panini America among others.

Clark also already has a regional sponsor in the Indianapolis area. She signed a deal with Gainbridge, an insurance and annuity company based in Zionsville, to promote the ParityFlex, which is an annuity designed for women. Gainbridge is also the title sponsor of the Fever’s home arena, Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Clark isn’t paid by Iowa’s collective, the Swarm Collective, at all, but her NIL valuation is currently at $3.4 million, according to On3.

How much money will Caitlin Clark’s WNBA contract be?

A key difference between college basketball and the WNBA for Clark is that she will actually be paid for playing basketball.

The rookie scale for the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft starts at $76,535 in the first season, according to Spotrac. That goes up to $78,066 in year two, $85,873 in year three, and $97,582 in the fourth-year option.

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Other earning opportunities in the WNBA

Clark will have an opportunity, if she chooses, to make more money in the WNBA offseason through league sponsorships.

She could make up to $250,000 on a Player Marketing Agreement through the league itself. This past offseason, six players, including Aliyah Boston, were signed to PMAs to promote the league. Clark could also sign a team-specific marketing team in the offseason for up to $100,000.

Finally, there’s a $500,000 bonus split between the two Commissioner’s Cup teams, as well as a $500,000 playoff pool.

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