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Million dollar real estate of billionaire Taylor Swift


According to multiple real estate experts, Swift has bought and sold a number of homes over the years through “multiple LLCs and trusts.”

Singer Taylor Swift got rich by focusing on her career. She is also a billionaire who loves to collect expensive real estate.

With a fortune of 1.1 billion USD, singer Taylor Swift has just appeared on the 2024 billionaires list announced by Forbes.

Last March, The Wall Street Journal published an article estimating the net worth of Taylor Swift’s multiple real estate holdings to be worth at least $150 million.

According to multiple real estate experts, Swift has bought and sold a number of homes over the years through “multiple LLCs and trusts.”

Nashville Penthouse

At the age of 20, Taylor Swift bought her first property, a penthouse in the Adelicia complex, Nashville, Tennessee, for $1.99 million. The penthouse has 3 bedrooms and soaring ceilings.

At that time, she personally designed the house in a style she called “treehouse, feminine and quirky”. The chairs, walls and cabinets in the apartment are painted in minimalist colors. “I wanted all the colors in the house to be the same,” Swift told Vulture.

Inside the Nashville penthouse

Inside the Nashville penthouse

The Adelicia complex is not only close to Music Row but also has a private parking garage, heated pool and fitness center. Taylor Swift apparently liked the building so much that she later purchased a 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom apartment below the penthouse for $387,000.

Nashville Mansion

“Country Music Princess” Taylor Swift bought a second property in Forest Hills, Tennessee, Nashville in 2011 for $2.5 million. The villa has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, has an area of ​​520 m2 and the mansion is designed in Greek Revival style with vaulted ceilings, herringbone patterned floors, and marble fireplace. The back of the house has been converted into a recording studio so she can compose. Previously, this villa belonged to Guilford Dudley Jr., who was the US ambassador to Denmark.

Beach mansion in Rhode Island

This is where the singer often holds parties with A-list stars and is also one of Taylor Swift’s homes that appears most in the press. This place is located on a hilltop in Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift's house on Rhode Island

Taylor Swift’s house on Rhode Island

Inside the mansion there are 7 bedrooms, 8 fireplaces, a majestic swimming pool and a long view of the blue coast. Many experts believe that this is one of the most impressive properties that Taylor Swift has purchased. The colonial-style mansion is about 11,000 m2 wide, estimated to be worth up to 17.75 million USD. According to reports, she paid for the house in cash. Swift told Entertainment Weekly: “I bought this house when I was in my 20s as a place for my family to gather together.”

2 penthouses in Sugar Loaf, Tribeca, New York

Swift bought two penthouses at Tribeca’s Sugar Loaf building in 2014 for $19.95 million. She bought this prime real estate from Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings movies .

Taylor Swift had workers remove the partition, turning two apartments into one, including 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a billiards room and a wide staircase. According to Page Six, Taylor let Sophie Turner and her children stay at this apartment while Turner resolved issues related to her divorce with ex-husband Joe Jonas.

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

In 2015, Taylor Swift bought a villa of more than 1,000 square meters in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) for $25 million from the family of movie tycoon and film producer Samuel L. Goldwyn. The villa has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, two tennis courts and a swimming pool. The mansion was built in 1934, dates back 90 years and is currently being maintained to become one of the local historical highlights.

Outside Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills mansion

Outside Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills mansion

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