Shaquille O’Neal says: Caitlin Clark is a special player. She reminds me of Steph Curry. Not only did she make great shots, but she also made great passes and “she humbly accepted her defeat.” |T

Caitlin Clark criticized by Shaquille O’Neal for taking so many ‘ill advised shots’

Is Shaquille O’Neal right to go after Caitlin Clark like this?

Caitlin Clark taking a shot

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Caitlin Clark lost her chance of a perfect ending to an already legendary run in NCAA basketball after losing the championship game against the South Carolina. Despite this, Clark still made history by becoming the NCAA all-time leading scorer of both the men and women’s categories. For a legendary player like Shaquille O’Neal, losing that last game doesn’t matter and it won’t get in the way of his praise to Caitlin Clark. When Shaq talks about her, it’s clear he admires the young sharp shooter. However, there is a small flaw Shaq sees that he also wanted to point out as he gave Clark her flowers. It’s not a harsh knock on Clark but still important to point out.

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Shaq was recently on Charles Barkley and Gayle King’s show on CNN, where he was asked if basketball itself has been revolutionized by players like Clark or Agel Reese. Shaq said this: “Well, it was definitely what happened last year between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese…Caitlin Clark is a special player. She reminds me of a Steph Curry. A lot of times she takes those ill-advised shots that me and Chuck don’t like, but they go in. not only do they go in, they go in consistently. And the way she plays the game, she’s the true definition of the great player. One that makes the players around her better. Not only was she making great shots, she was making great passes and she took her loss with humility.”


Can Caitlin Clark be just as successful in the WNBA?

The best part of this saga end is the fact that we are going to get to experience Caitlin Clark’s basketball skills for a long time in the WNBA. In many ways, this young star seems destined to become one of the greatest players in the women’s professional league. Shaq comparing her to Stephen Curry is not a coincidence, she truly is the best women’s shooter we’ve seen in a long time, if not ever. By the time she starts playing in the WNBA, Caitlin Clark is taking all the fans that she earned over these years and take them on a journey that they will thoroughly enjoy.

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