Taylor Swift Apologized to Travis Kelce For Being Drunk at Coachella. |T

Taylor Swift Apologized to Travis Kelce For Being Drunk at Coachella




A lip reader has revealed Taylor Swift’s discussions with Travis Kelce at Coachella, exposing how much fun the pop diva had at the legendary music festival over the weekend. Jackie Gonzalez, a deaf TikTok user who shares videos of herself lip reading celebrities, has revealed what Swift, 34, purportedly said in a series of recordings from the festival.



According to Jackie, Taylor was having the time of her life as she introduced fans to her 34-year-old lover, cheered on the musical performers, sung her own song Karma, and declared herself ‘drunk.’ Taylor opened the video by going with her boyfriend’s arm thrown across her shoulder and passionately gushing to followers, ‘Hi!’



Taylor, despite her A-list status, couldn’t believe she was being treated like a celebrity when she and her boyfriend were put right in front of the stage.





‘Oh my God, we are at the front!?’ Taylor apparently expressed disbelief. She was also spotted charmingly introducing one fan to her boyfriend. ‘This is Travis!’ she told a concertgoer.

Taylor also sung along with her own song, Karma, before excitedly cheering. At one point, the ecstatic actress was spotted telling Travis: “That was the best thing that happened tonight.” Sorry, I’m intoxicated. She then left the area with her lover, cheering.



Jackie captioned the video: ‘Check on your swifties, we were not okay,’ along with the caveat, ‘Lip reading is not a reliable technique of communication, all statements are alleged.’

This is Swift’s first appearance at the music event since 2016. Meanwhile, Kelce was seen attending the event in 2022 and 2023 with several of his buddies.



Travis was also seen effortlessly lifting Taylor into the air as they danced to DJ Dom Dolla’s set. On Saturday, the duo were also seen seeing Taylor’s friend Jack Antonoff’s band, Bleachers, perform at the festival. The duo was also photographed attending the star-studded Neon Carnival bash.

Kelce recently told People that he is a ‘Coachella person’. ‘I love Coachella. I enjoy live music in general. So you might see me appear over there at some point.



“I am not sure if I’ll go to a weekend, one or two, or if I even have time knowing my schedule’s filling up pretty quick before we get started back up for football here.’ Taylor and Travis have been dating since September 2023.

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