Can they sign Paul George? Warriors Big 3 is about to disband?

"Họ có thể ký hợp đồng với Paul George": Gilbert Arenas bác bỏ mọi suy đoán về việc Warriors Big 3 sẽ sớm chia tay

The Golden State Warriors boasted their ‘Big 3’ for nearly a decade and rightfully so, given that the team has won four NBA championships in the past nine years.

But lately, the Warriors haven’t been the same as Klay Thompson has moved to the bench and Draymond Green keeps picking up fights and gets suspended.

So, with the team now scrambling, many believe this might be the last year fans get to see the Warriors Big 3 together. However, Gilbert Arenas believes otherwise.

On the latest episode of Gil’s Arena, the future of the Golden State Warriors franchise and what direction they should go in was heavily debated as Brandon Jennings and Lexie Brown believed this was it for the Warriors.

However, Arenas on the other hand felt that it is not necessarily over for the team if they choose to handle their finances judiciously and be smart with how to sign their players, especially Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“Big 3? They fine, they staying together.

The reason I saw this is because if they can bring Klay back for pennies on a Dollar, they’re gonna do that, right?

And from there, they have so much money that they can sign Paul George and someone like that.

So, if they can sign Paul George and bring Klay off the bench, then the Big 3 is relived because it’s a bigger three, a 3.5…It all depends on Klay.

We know Dryamond is under contract, Steph is under contract. So, if Klay leaves, then yeah, the Big 3 is over with.”

Gilbert Arenas‘ take is an ambitious one but not entirely impossible. Klay Thompson‘s game seems to be on the decline, something that has resulted in him now coming off the bench.

Arenas believes signing Klay to a smaller contract would do the team wonders.

But that can only happen if Klay accepts a smaller contract after he has also had to accept a smaller role with the team.

From a purely logical standpoint, Thompson has no reason not to take a bit of a pay cut for the benefit of the team.

However, it is also possible that the Splash Brother is actively looking for one final big contract before he retires, given that he is potentially in the final stretch of his career.

If the Warriors’ front office can somehow convince Klay to agree to a lower contract, the Warriors are golden.

The franchise has shown the ability to use its money and resources efficiently in attracting or trading for just the right players.

However, until Golden State’s sharpshooter releases his verdict on the matter, the front office is doomed to keep wondering about what their next move will be.

Are the Golden State Warriors over and done with?

There has been a lot of speculation about the Golden State Warriors dynasty being over and done with.

The team tried to revive their roster prior to this season by signing Chris Paul and moving him to the bench. However, what many thought would work wonders for them ended up being a disastrous move for the team.

And now, even veteran NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith is convinced this may be the last year fans will get to see this ‘Big 3’ together, despite being one of their biggest supporters over the years.

“They got problems, ladies and gentlemen…The dynasty is over. Change is coming

. There’s no way that Joe Lacob the owner, and Peter Guber the owner of the Golden State Warriors will sit here and tolerate what we’ve been witnessing this year. They’re a mediocre team.”

Apart from SAS, Celtics legend Paul Pierce was also one of many to take shots at Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

“Chris Paul started 14 games and now he is on the bench. Klay started 53 games now he is on the bench.

They don’t have an identity…Who are the Golden State Warriors, what is the Golden State Warriors’ identity…It’s hard to figure out…

You can score with the best of them, and rebound the ball well…..This lies in the middle, so I have to put a lot of this on Steve Kerr.”

Pierce wasn’t the only one who called out Kerr for his decisions as many fans have been livid with him as well.

Kerr has made some questionable moves in late-game situations that have cost the Warriors quite a lot of games this season.

But now, it all comes down to what will fans get to see next year when talking about Dub Nation.

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